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“The City of Culture award will boost the renovation process,” says Evit Cooper

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In an open letter to the Minister of Culture, the MP leads the call to create a civic award that will stimulate investment, visitors and jobs

Every four years, urban areas in Britain compete fiercely for the title of the City of Culture in the United Kingdom. Since 2013, when Derry wore the first crown in Northern Ireland, Kingston enjoyed a one-year-old artistic victory, and Coventry gained a chance to capitalize on 12 months of cultural interest in 2021. Now Evit Cooper, MP for Normanton and Bonfract, Cities in parliament and members of the councils create a new annual address: City of Culture.

“Why focus only on cities? Our cities have a great heritage and culture, but they do not get the same opportunities for investment. They and a group of MPs sent an open letter to Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright.

city of cultureCivil culture titles are beauty contests that, somewhere, which can prove they have been ignored and ignored for a long time can become a likely favorite. In order to seize any winner is a boom in municipal investment and a nationwide opportunity to rework the brand. While Hull was a cultural city in 2017, it attracted more than £ 220 million in investment and created 800 new jobs, as well as attracting millions of tourists.

Although the towns are not officially exempt from applying for the city’s original title of culture, only Paisley is the one who has put the shortlist so far, as they tend to have limited funds for bidding.

In the open letter, published on the Observer Web site at the end of the week, Cooper and his colleagues in parliament who represent cities such as Wrexham, Stroud and Bishop Auckland invite you to receive an award that allows smaller urban areas to reap the benefits of the national exposure period. Cooper fears that the economic gap between British cities and towns is dangerously wide, with major urban areas enjoying better infrastructure and a wide range of jobs available.

“Cities do not get a fair deal,” Cooper said. “The annual Culture City Award will be a real draw – bringing new jobs and visitors, and will be an incentive to get the Arts Council, the Department of Digital Culture, Media, Sports and other public and private funding organizations to focus more investments on strengthening the potential of our cities.”

After the letter, Cooper and her group will launch their campaign in January. The issue of urgent action is evident, they argue, with the increase in the number of jobs in the English constituencies in cities by 6% less than in the city’s constituencies over the past five years, while the Board of Arts funding more than four times in cities than in the cities .

In fact, the amount of public money that goes directly to the city of the winning culture is not great. The lottery heritage fund (HLF) gives £ 3 million, but the central government’s investment usually follows. DCMS said Hall later received £ 15 million in government funding, plus £ 3 million from the Arts Council of England.

In December of last year, four of the five contenders selected for the 2021 list, Swansea, Beecily, Stoke and Sunderland, learned that despite concerted efforts to win a period of social and economic renewal, they failed and won Coventry. However, Cooper argues that even cities that have been listed on the shortlist only get a valuable boost from the publicity and planning that surrounds the bidding process.

The British Culture program, proposed in 2009, has already produced smaller competition in London, where Mayor Sadiq Khan ran a culture competition last year. Waltham Forest will win their first title in 2019.

Potential contenders?

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire: Population (2011) 162,949 Market City Between Leeds and Manchester At the historic border of West Riding in Yorkshire, Victorian architecture is a testimony to its role in the Industrial Revolution. The Luddites exhibited technical innovation and cruelty in the mills here. John Betteman described the first-class rail station as “the façade of England’s most spectacular station” and was awarded the Europe-Europe-Europe Award of £ 4 million. The annual music festival in Huddersfield, the largest festival in the world Britain

america street carBridgwater, Somerset: Population (2011) 35,886 Market City and Inner Harbor on the edge of Somerset Heights near Tonton. In 1685 Montmuth Rebellion was hidden in the Battle of Siddiquimore and was a trade center for bricks and tiles since the Industrial Revolution thanks to his channel. The main buildings include St. Mary’s Church and Admiral Blake’s hometown in 1598. Ospark Cultural: The Gay Fawkes Carnival is a highly competitive and extravagant annual carnival.

Colchester, Essex: Population (2011) 104,390 The oldest city registered in Britain and the time capital of British Roman, a member of the network of ancient European cities. Prominent sites include the ruins of St. Potolph’s monastery in the twelfth century and the Roman car race circuit. It was identified in 2005, the only known country, and once sat up to 8,000 spectators. Castle Colchester is a huge Norman building, built in the site of the Roman temple and remains of a Roman theater displayed in the city’s Dutch neighborhood. US Culture: In addition to the Romans, the Faculty of Arts and the Popular Menoris Gallery.