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Bumblebee Review – Buzz 80s Old School

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Healy Steinfeld shines in this charming Transformers movie featuring a teenage pariah and a robot disguised as VW Beetle

In an opaque piece of music, the Yellow Pineapple robot B-127 (later called Bumblebee) came out of its sound box. However, this scene of bustling scenes is the only real resemblance between this original story and the previous five installment installments, which were directed by Michael Bay. Although the film works directly, it is directed by Travis Knight of Laika Studios (Coraline, Kubo and Two Strings, Knight’s debut). Knight’s touch gives the old school feeling procedures. The machines look more delightful than their smoothly designed grandchildren, which helped throughout the 1987 period.

Bumblebee wallpaperCharlie (Healy Steinfeld, a marvel) is a desperate teen pariah desperate for her own car and has set shifts in the local garage. It comes here through Pomplippy, hiding and hiding from the Decepticons (which was expressed by Justin Therox and Angela Bassett), temporarily remodeled as a Volkswagen Beetle. The film turns into a comedian comedy where the two continue through the pop songs that were broadcast in the 1980s, which were blown up by the cassette player in the car (Bombilby broadcasts a tape of Smiths in a coma in protest). Steinfeld gently watches the companion of the robot moving digitally in her small human hands when she asks “What about you? Where did you come from?” Spielbergesque magic moment, emotional emotional destruction was destroyed directly by ET. Although the references are familiar, they are a new direction for the Mashu exam series.