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Where will the Hollywood search for authenticity end?

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Long-term franchises, in their attempts to sow the essence of the original film, go back to the source material and restore old characters.

What makes Star Wars so popular? Or Terminator? Or Halloween? What is the combination of basic ingredients, what is the magic of magical originality, required to ensure that the public and critics feel warm toward the last episodes in the way they settled in the original glamor of the original lover?

It seems that this question has become necessary for the big-budget film business in 2018. Let’s assume that everything started with Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be an extension of the truth, but re-Luke and Leia and Han helped us to certainly forget that we ever sat in six Hours of jar Jar Binks and Teen Anakin Skywalker in hateful prequels.

film-camera-cinema-movie-equipmentIn fact, this work has been going on for decades. The only difference is that Hollywood used to have the grace to let older stars feel their senses, from Charleston’s 2001 reading of Planet of the Apes to the most elegant appearance in 1962 of Cape Fear stars Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum in Martin Scorsese in 1991 was a new edition.

These days, members of the original cast are no longer confined to support roles or blink your eyes or miss them. The great success of The Force Awakens and, to a lesser extent, The Last Jedi seems to have convinced the studios that in the relentless search for franchise credibility, only the original will do. And if you want to achieve absolute honesty, it is likely to be a good idea to prepare a plot that has never happened to all the trash movies that the public hates and critics.

The most recent example of this return to the basics, back to the source logo is the restoration of Lori Stroud (Jimmy Lee Curtis) to the Sagu Halwing. Strode comes from retirement to battle the masked devious Michael Myers once again in David Gordon’s late sequel, which conveniently snaps out any of the films created since 1978 – including Halloween II in 1981 and Halloween in H20: 20 years at the time Later, both starred Curtis.

A new film is also scheduled for Terminator which will ignore every sequel part since T2: Doomsday and bring Linda Hamilton back as Sarah Connor. Which I can say, this is largely due to the fact that Hollywood has already tried to bring me back to the epic and found that the masses are still not interested.

It is tempting to wonder, given the current box office and the critical success of the Halloween Festival, if Fox 20th Century might consider returning to the film Neill Blomkamp reproduced for a strange new film starring Segorny Weaver as Ellen Ripley. Blomkamp’s idea of a sequel, several years after the events of James Cameron’s aliens (and ignoring all subsequent films to bear the title), could have been planned for Halloween and the next Terminator 6. Unfortunately, Ridley Scott was blown up in favor of Alien: The Covenant, His cute naughty Prometheus.

The era was a misguided attempt by Scott to expand the story of Michael Davidspard, the deceptive David, into a full film – in addition to recreating the xenomorphs that previously insisted that no one could remain interested in them. Frankly, the Blomkamp alternative pitch could not have been worse. He decided to bring Ripley back as a copy of her original self that ends up playing the part of my mother in part of the horror of some people. Important.

Should not be delayed, Scott said last year he would consider the idea of restoring Weaver as the smallest Ripley through CGI for future entrants, assuming the use of “ghosting” technology similar to that used by Marvel and Lucasfilm in recent projects. This would have the advantage of allowing the veteran British filmmaker to complete an increasingly boring schedule between Prometheus and the original alien events, through several other installments, no doubt more severe.

neuschwanstein-castle-bavariaThis seems like a beautiful circular way to achieve authenticity – especially when Plumcamp’s plan has a great advantage in ensuring that we all: 1) do not have to sit through more Prometheus movies, and 2) officially allowed by Hollywood to forget Alien: Resurrection and found Movies Alien vs Predator. But this, better or worse, is a kind of Hollywood jamming that is likely to begin to find itself, so finally decide to start making decent original movies again. In less than other upcoming projects take a more reasonable approach to the endless desire for a peek at the rear view mirror. Mary Poppins seems to be dating nostalgia for the thick, but the only star returning from the original version will be Dick Van Dyck, this time Mr. Does Junior. The producers resisted the temptation to take out the original Poppins, although Emily Blunt was supposed to have given her P45 if there was the weakest chance to convince the digitally rotting Julie Andrews to go into the game of flying penguins and her combs with young Burt again.