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Bodybuilder Flex Lewis: How I Eat

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How to Eat He needs to eat up to six meals a day. What did he get in his bowl?


I have had problems with not being hungry since I was born, so when I entered the sport, I had to train my appetite as physically as possible. Wake up by doing the heart. This is like my coffee. Then I have three fried eggs, 6-8 ounces (about half a) grilled chicken breast and a bowl of rice gravy [American rice porridge sweetened from rice instead of oatmeal]. Breakfast is my favorite meal, because I have dessert, which is the sweetest thing I eat all day long. I supplement my meals with multivitamins, a common formula, Omega 3, 6 and 9 tablets.


I have a specific system where I feed my body to do a workout, then feed my body again later, during the day, and between training, my intake includes a protein shake, grilled chicken breast and steamed white rice, then grilled salmon and rice. I put ketchup on everything to make it tasty. MegaFit meals prepare everything for me and send me 28 meals a week. I just put them in the microwave.


I do not like to eat a snack because of the amount of food I eat – five to six meals a day – and a snack that eliminates the appetite I need for the next meal. I had a sensitivity test on food 18 months ago, and my life changed to find I was allergic to mustard, which I used in everything. My sense of well-being, digestion and endurance took a role for the better.


Chicken breasts, rice and green vegetables are my last meal of the day. Every week, I try to lose 2-3 lbs of body weight so I’m allowed to get a cheat meal. My wife loves pizza and thinks I’m crazy because I prefer sushi. But I go to a cheese cake factory for dessert. Hasti is very sensitive [diet] that I would like to benefit from.