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Fitness Tips: What kind of rugby should you try?

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From a sign to XRugby, there’s a kind of rugby game for everyone, according to Rui Luoy

Rugby tag, age 5 + non-contact, using tag belts. The processing is repeated by dragging a marker. Great for learning the basics – passing, dodging and fitness. There are no set pieces (cues or scrums). The stadiums are small. Group sizes grow with age; mixed up to age 11.

Touch Rugby, Age 14+ Noncontact: The games are replaced by “touch”, taking the main barriers to some. It involves many aspects of the rugby game, but without cutting or kicking. Usually six in the side, the mixing of the sexes. It can be run indoors or outdoors.

The Sevens, 14 years old or more, is played this short form of the seven-level stadium, usually in the summer season. It is a physical challenge, with full friction, but on a smaller scale: sugars are three sides, and the lateral lines are two sides. The races play separately (the contact rugby is never confused).

Fifteen, age 14+, Rajabi is known for television and international courses. Played in 2000 club for rugby and in schools and universities. Full contact, Full pitch, Full size cut.

XRugby, Age 14+ Newest format. It’s seven sides played across the pitch. This is a rugby connection, but adapted, removing some intensity and speed of contact. Cockroaches do not involve any pressure – and there is no lift in the lines. Must be handled less than a certain height. All this makes it easier for a new person in rugby or less fitness.

team-huddle-togetherness-connectionwhere do I start? Visit findrugby.com to find a club near you, or o2touch.co.uk to the nearest O2 Touch center.