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Gardening Tips: Roses Pariot Plant

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Planting this season for agriculture in Bareoot starts this month: blooms are one much better for pollinators, so consider cultivating a “tuberb pai bif” and a single yellow rose flower bowl, or a red blood climber “Altissimo”. Both will explode in bursts throughout the summer.

This paper has a small point removing the fallen leaves from the border unless they are sick: they will provide a warm quilt for wildlife. Rake leaves of meadows and tracks to the old compost bag with holes cut off and put aside to get a rich supply of paper mold in a year or two. Cut foliage also works as a cure.

red-love-garden-plantVisit this 18th century landscape designer Humphrey Rypton is famous for his “red books” provided to prospective clients. The Garden Museum in Lambeth, London, has 23 of them in an exhibition about his career. Until 3 February. Visit gardenmuseum.org.uk for more details.