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James Murdoch preferred to replace Allon Musk as president of Tesla – a report

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The son of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch is the first candidate to replace Tesla’s founder.

James Murdoch is the preferred candidate to head Tesla for the manufacture of volatile electric cars from its founder Eilon Mosk, according to reports.

The newspaper’s Financial Times newspaper quoted Rupert Murdoch as the first candidate for Tesla’s presidency.

Mr Mesk has agreed he will step down as chairman by mid-November, but will remain chief executive after he and Tesla reached a settlement with the SEC last month, agreeing to pay $ 20 million each who are they. Financial regulators. The billionaire claimed in early August that he had received funding to take Tesla’s own, prompting the markets to scramble.

He was followed by a lot of anxiety about his health and stability after he talked about little sleep because of the heavy pressure on the job, smoking a common link during a podcast interview amid speculation about the use of drugs.

James Murdoch is currently CEO of 21st Century Fox, but will leave the role when the entertainment giant completes the sale of most of his assets to Disney, and will be succeeded by his brother Lachlan. He joined Tesla’s board last year as a non-executive director and said he wanted a job as president.

It is understood that the Tesla Council has not yet made a final decision on Musk’s successor and may still be appointing an external candidate.

On Tuesday, Murdoch resigned from the Sky Sky Council, owner of Sky News, as part of Comcast’s takeover of the company, beating 21st Century Fox in an intense bidding war. He is also considering creating an investment fund in technology.

“The Tesla president’s job is ideal for James,” said someone who was familiar with the discussions in the Financial Times. “He is working on this fund and will sit next to Elon … he will get a lot of flow of deals.”

However, Mosk denied the story of the Financial Times in his response to a tweet about the report, wrote: “This is not true.”

Mesk, based in the Silicon Valley, has set up Spacex for the electric and aerospace industry, which is launching space rockets in an attempt to gain business in future space transportation, and is investigating the Mosaic talk about colonization.

Tesla has achieved great success through many actions, but has come under pressure on profits, keeping up with demand and conditions for workers.

Its shares suffered amidst the latest controversy, trading at $ 259.52 at the time of writing, down 27% since Misk volunteered to buy a private company for $ 420 a share.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SCA) filed a lawsuit accusing Musk of forgery in connection with the libel, claiming that his own plan, which he abandoned weeks later, had no basis in fact. The technical billionaire accepted a $ 20 million fine and agreed to step down as chairman as part of the settlement.

Tesla and 21st Century Fox did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Tesla shares tumbled 1.6 percent to $ 258.50 on Wednesday.