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Poor customer service: Who are the worst 2018 irregularities?

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Complaints about write-off and corrupt service continue in full swing. Here is our report

Sedition in low-cost airlines, terrible car rental companies, frauds in housing, and the British train network in the event of collapse. From a consumer perspective, 2018 was a very long year to stay at home. The last 12 months have seen no drop in readers’ complaints, and our consumer champions receive about 600 emails per month, and more in this mail. So what are the companies that topped headlines for the wrong reasons, and what did we learn in 2018?

AirEnJet was the airline that we complained last year – but only so. Most of them were calling on readers not to be subject to European Union reparations payments, even after being ordered by the independent arbitrator. Ryan’s previous good record at reliability was a great success, given his beatings and other delays. But complaints about Norwegian were the big difference in 2018. They may be cheap, but the reliability numbers are terrible, especially on long journey routes.

Car RentalIs the auto industry out of control? We received many complaints about the subject this year. It was possible to fill the column every week with car hire problems alone. Two distinct companies remain – Goldcar in Europe, and Green Motion in the UK. This year’s Green Motion behavior was banned by the largest Web agent, Car Trawler, which operates the leasing service for Holiday Autos and Ryanair. Although Green Motion has since been restored to its lists, and management has vowed to change, complaints are still ongoing.

Those who rent cars must check the car in detail and obtain the signed form before leaving the airport. Let’s say the leasing company will try to bother you, and then you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it does not happen.

With CarsSticking cars, there has been a marked increase in complaints from car buyers this year – and one company in particular, Volkswagen. Most of the messages came from owners of three- and four-year-old cars that suffered a failed pulley / belt timing, a TSI-broken fuel engine and a £ 5,000 bill to repair. The problem affects the Skoda and Audi cars in the VW range. This happens very often – just outside the warranty for three years – that there is a clear design error. VW seems to be in denial, even when the car has a full service record. The consumer rights law grants the rights of buyers against the dealer for up to six years, but traders sell it to VW, making trivial offers.

This week we contacted a reader who was told that the failed 34,000-mile Passat clutch would cost more than £ 2,000 to repair. An independent mechanic told her that the probable cause was a leak from the slave drum, which should last for more than two years in such low miles, but VW refused to intervene and prevented the payment of £ 105 from the dealer.


Two bad cases have emerged from insurers trying to evade landing claims this year – and if you claim to be dry this summer, get some professional help from the start because insurance companies pay hard money.

We have also seen more bad practices from companies selling “peace of mind” products. British Gas has been set to increase the price of HomeCare central heating policies so that many readers have been asked to pay £ 850 or even £ 1,000 a year – crazily, much more than the cost of a new boiler. Similarly, AA, this year, has risen its prices for those who blindly renew every year – up to 124% in the second year. So check the renovation closely, and called the price last year.

AA and RAC were also attacked for terrible service after breakdowns. The policy of making recovery drivers recover the emergency cars only a short distance away, and then passing another worker to 14-hour trips on many tow trucks. Other readers complained of waiting for nine hours to get to the recovery trucks.

ParkingGiven From the plight of the main street, it is strange that many retailers seem to be waging war on people willing to enter their cars and visit them personally.

Aldi customers continue to complain about being sued by the Eye Eye parking port. One elderly couple who spent £ 95 at the store but exceeded the arbitrary time limit by a few minutes found themselves forced to order 70 pounds. Others who recovered the items found that the automated system had calculated that they were on site all the time – and issued a ticket accordingly. Cooperative stores faced similar problems in the East England region.

Perhaps the most absurd facts of the year came from a couple who stopped at a park near Stansted Airport, which was run by MET Parking. They stood outside Starbucks on Southgate Park and walked 30 meters to McDonald’s and sent £ 60 to ask to leave. MET had “section” the only car park in two, tracking all their moves on CCTV to pick up their excesses.

If you get a ticket, the advice is to take it with a store that has rented a parking company. Many of these tickets are not executable anyway – and there are a bunch of tips on the Internet about how to fight them.

The hottest company of the year Milk & More, the door milk delivery company that seems to have spent in 2018, should provide its customers with a range of reasons to cancel their expensive milk. We received a confusing number of complaints about his service.

The ADT Security Company ran it very close, after it appeared to charge expensive fees to customers to change the batteries on their own alarms. Readers compete to produce the most ridiculous ADT bill. In the end, the LN of the Colchester project took £ 4,749 to replace the three batteries in the foreground.

travel customer serviceOber continues to send the mystery cleaning bill to readers for £ 60, and the advice is to clean the interior car every time you go out of Ober to show that it was not you who threw it gently.

TravelAirbnb has been markedly regular in our messages – mostly after fraudulent bookings. Never make a bank transfer to Airbnb, and if you are asked, you are deceived.

Booking.com, which dominates the world of hotel reservations, has been repeatedly chosen for failing to comply with its cancellation policy, although some of this will be due to its annoying location.

You can perform a screen pick-up if you make a cancellable reservation, or book with the hotel directly.

The terrible performance of the trains in the UK this year can make an article of its own, but GWR and Virgin deserve particular mention as companies that have upset our readers more than others.

The phone and broadband of this sector, fell slightly in previous years, with BT and TalkTalk being well represented. However, Virgin Media was the company most suspicious of, and its customer service standards seem to have worsened considerably, based on readers’ experiences.

Finally, I’m sorry if you wrote to us during the year and we were unable to meet your requirements. We read all the messages we receive, but we can only take a part.