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Boy Foodie: Alex James on Cookers

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A feast for a prince does not need to cost the land – it’s all for the perfect devices, says Alex James.

I’ve thought about it so often since then. It was a really wonderful party. I’ve been in a few, but this was a full fantasy story. Surrealism. I had just got to know the drummer from Pink Floyd and he told me he wanted to get a Donut. It was a good idea.

“a look!” I said. “This guy looks like Eric Clapton is wrong.” “Yes, well, that’s Eric,” he said. “Did not you meet?” “No, but wow, I’ve got what qualifies for a great band here … I’ll play bass, who will go … my God, is not that the brown-haired girl from Abba? I think I’m going to faint.”

The ceremony was at the house of an Arab princes on the beach and the beach was covered to the point that it was a shame to walk on it. It looked like Brigitte Riley was phenomenal, and I think he probably was. To the end of the pier, the royal yacht was cradling, shimmering like a fine Christmas tree with sunset over the ocean, the beautiful women smiled, and Pimm fluttered onto the luxurious beach furniture. Club Tropicana, in short.

Well, princes are very good, but I’m happier at home these days. This is where I want to be, anything else I do. I can not imagine anything nicer than being in the garden with my kids, and I realized that the best thing about this party, the thing I want more than anything else out there, costs about £ 300. It is sometimes good to be dazzled by the lifestyles of the affluent, and to satisfy their friends. It can help you understand what you really want, rather than what you want. Take a yacht, for example. Not really me. But a kebab machine in the garden. Probably the most wonderful thing I have ever seen.

The burner here at home still contains hooks in the chimney in terms of used to smoking bacon and pork, and I assume that everything was cooked in that fireplace, on the remains and in the large bowls, until relatively recently. Now there are all kinds of stoves and fireplaces to choose from. Oven temperature bath is newer. The sous-vide principle is used (boiling in the bag). You wrap your flesh in a clingfilm and catch it gently and very slowly. The juice and tenderness come out, too. Temperature showers are still used in small bars, but they will soon reach the highway and may be moved to the bottom as if they were microwaves and sprays, but I think that compared to the fires, the ovens are all boring. Fires are what people stare at before having a TV to stare at. It must have been very exciting staring at dinner cooking. Today we spend ages preparing everything, then we hide it in the oven and wonder what happens to it. This sounds silly now I think about it.

I never thought of buying a kebab machine until I saw it on the beach. The kebab machine is just a grille oven, really. After seeing Twirler Kebab Prince I spent 70 on a cheaper version, cook Frigidaire countertoperie, and I rarely cook with anything else now. I think once you have eaten grilled chicken, you do not want to have a drink that has not been treated for 33 years, but apart from the taste, it provides a focal point for the whole kitchen. Or garden. I do joints there and everything. Cook meat has a nice attraction, similar to that of open fire, boy, nice smell. Seventy pounds to eat like the prince forever. Deal.