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Girls, insecure, and strange things: how the bathrooms became safe space for television

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The kitchens and living rooms were one day the heart of drama and comedy, but in the messy Ansar era, the bathroom was occupied.

Bullshit! Bull! Shit! Not you! The second episode of Stranger Things 2, and Nancy found herself a new story: she was drunk at a party, and stole red blood in the bottom of her head, trying in vain a sponge out of place. . The previous episode ended with Nancy looking at the mirror, paralyzed by guilt because she kept silent about the disappearance of her boyfriend Barb to a world free of distraction. She is now giving up her boyfriend Steve and decides to avenge her revenge.

Both viewers share the Netflix feature in a remarkable observation in modern television storytelling; it is often driven by a new wave of American shows that depict the lives of characters in an unbearable way. As emotional shift points occur, they occur in bathrooms.

Before the era of cable television, viewers used to paint the templates that touched the offices or large living rooms, perhaps with the kitchen as a haven for their quieter appearance. Now, we are all talking about the power of emotional truths, which are revealed when our TV tunes are honest with themselves, often behind the closed door of the smallest room.

The first ever episode of girls, in 2012, select Tone. Lena Dunham In the role of Hannah Cookley eat a cupcake in the bathroom, and do so while her friend Marnie (Alison Williams) sits on the edge of the tub, and shakes her legs, unsettled by her friend’s nudity. The frequent nudity of Denham is a visual expression of her effort to reveal the genitals of her characters, with a wide spread of taboo violations to deliver dialogue while sitting on the toilet. The small space is important: the girls look like a gang show, but we barely see the four stars together because the drama is based on fierce and fragile friendships between women. The bathroom is the ideal place for charged micro-interactions that make the series sing. Among the many bathroom scenes for girls, probably the most beautiful in the second season, when Jessa (Jemima Kirke) needs to talk about the end of her fast marriage. Hannah is in the bathroom, so Jessa instinctively gets up with her and yells.

tiles-window-bathroom-marbleThe cousin of the British girl, Fleabag, regularly visits the bathroom in his quest to make personal and personal character clear. Like “Dunham,” the star “Vibe Waler Bridge” chooses the bathroom to allow the viewer to enter. The Fleabag program depends on the intimacy between the audience and the performer: We can not judge the hero very harshly because we have allowed her to trust. Without any dramatic dramatic reason, Waller-Bridge creates a single monologue to disguise a camera – about its fascination with sex – while in the room. We are mates now. We saw her urine.

The latest fashion in HBO, characterized by its glamorous elegance, is characterized by a unique friendship between two people, but it revolves around the central personality relationship with itself. Issa (Isa Rai) is alone in the bathroom, facing the mirror, rehearsing conversations, conducting meaningful talks, and trying to reconcile those she believes to be with the less efficient version she keeps delivering to the outside world. Ray told Vox when Insecure was launched in 2016: “[Being in the bathroom] is the only time your phone is not with you, or you’re naked”, “You’re just facing yourself.” I think that says a lot about confronting your insecurities And your shortcomings. ”

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“The bathroom is where women are the most vulnerable, but also the most protected from scrutiny,” said Dr. Susan Pinter, a former professor of psychology and a pioneer in specialist psychology in specialties, now director of research at AC Martin. The rule of men, the competition with other women, the glare of social media, which is relentless The presence in the bathroom gives the girl or woman the time and space to investigate, examine and enjoy the humor and talk about the self without the rule of others.

Television obsession with television reflects aspects of the real world, where more people live in small shared spaces rather than the ability to buy luxury family homes. “In a world where privacy and safety are becoming increasingly diminished, these square feet and few minutes become more valuable and more valuable,” says Pinter. “The bathrooms are now being designed as” health resorts “instead of” functional spaces. ”

Even in excitement, the place can be weak where crucial things happen. At the decisive moment of Dexter, Michael Cat, the serial killer, abandons his efforts to live a double life as a strong family man when he finds his enemy, the killer Trinity, not only broken, but killed his wife Rita as he bathed. In the fifth episode of the pivotal season of the iPad break, Walter White’s fatal mistake is to allow his brother Hank to take a store in his house, where the bathroom was the place where Walt Whitman’s book was booked with an incriminating inscription sitting like a toilet porcelain. In both cases, a visitor penetrates the heart bath, or in the case of poor Rita juggling, of a benign interior interface.

Then there is Veep, the American political satire who trades in sharp-edged clapbacks and stunning public humiliation, but in essence a platonic warm coexistence between Vice President Selena Meyer and her loyal “bag man” Gary. Once again, when the thing happens in the end, it happens in the bathroom, in the community center visited by Veep when you discover that it will become president. After three seasons of disasters and frantic disappointments, Gary was so excited to learn that his beloved boss finally wins a nosebleed, forcing Selena – who collapses in a hysterical fit – to reverse roles and pierce through the famous bag Gary usually uses. Up to the tissue or anything else you need. It’s a beautiful version, he got years of craftwork from Julia Louis Dreyfus and Tony Hill. The episode was presented to Emmys in 2014. Hill was nominated as Louis Dreyfus.

Sharon Horgan’s addict Sharon Furgan also opens the bathroom with his own fragrance. Sarah Jessica Parker examines the wrinkles around her eyes and neck tirelessly, and looks as if she has been there for some time, as she has already done. Her husband, Thomas Hadden Church, complained about her refusal to unlock the door in the last 20 minutes: “I had to take feces in this coffee box in the garage.” In order to escape from him, and to react to him, shows us everything about why their poisonous relationship can not be cleaned up, and how relentless Horgan will explore it. Horgan also co-wrote the PCC2 comedy series, the best-selling episode of Diane Morgan, which seems to be bullet-proof, and was finally pushed to tears by an anonymous assertion in an ornament … in a toilet downstairs.

white-ceramic-bathtub-beside-clear-glass-wallMad Men, a period drama with modern sensibilities, performs some of his sub-works in Hammamet. “Men are crazy about the innovative use of bathrooms from the start,” says Matt Zoller Sitz, a television critic for New York magazine and author of Don Min Draper. “It’s an extraordinary moment where it flows without the smell of a theater building, in half a bathroom off the kitchen and we get a series of close-ups from his point of view as he sees how feminine the bathroom is.” We get to understand how my house demarcated the interior space that does not Each season has a lot of moments like this: Season 5 has another wonderful moment in the bathroom, staring at himself and feeling every one of the 40 years he is supposed to celebrate on his birthday.

“The bathrooms have always been a great place for intimate drama, because the main focus is the mirror,” Zoller continues. “This is where you stare at yourself while washing your hands, shaving or repairing your hair,” said TS Eliot, at J Alfred Prufrock: It is the place to prepare a face to meet the faces you meet.

“The bathroom is where you can be your real self, without convincing you, where the threat posed by the outside world is the least,” says Dr. Pinter, “a mirror room where you can face yourself in privacy and look in the eyes of others without confrontation.”

Today sectarian TV has entered the room, with its bright light and reflective surfaces that can not be hidden and used. The bathroom is the center of the house, making it the perfect place for drama about people who have stopped pretending to be ideal.